About Me

My name is Kirill Galkin,

I’m the Product Manager in software development and data analyzing spheres.

My goal is creating validated software products, mostly in B2B, B2B+B2C domains. To do that, I interact with customers and stakeholders, collect and analyze their needs, examine the value, measure satisfaction, offering ideas, design and check business and product hypotheses and raise products from concepts to MVP. Responding to changes, Lean and AGILE philosophy help me to do this. I like to study, get to know something new and changes.

My positions combine different responsibilities and require the ability to know different areas including product and project management, development, marketing, analyzing, business thinking, DevOps, and AGILE coaching. As you can see, I have to learn something new every day, and I want to share this with you as well as provide you interesting and useful information about Product Manager everyday self-development.

My interests are product creation and management, data analyzing, Agile and Lean approaches, value proposition development, business processes optimization and helping people to achieve results by an efficient and effective way by the high level of satisfaction. I will be glad to find new interlocutors and contacts.

You can find more information about me here:
My professional achievements – LinkedIn
My hobbies and “private” life – Facebook