Why defined and stabled Sprint Scope is so important


Goals understanding, command and personal responsibility to the team participants and a product owner – are the material and energy forming a productive, highly motivated and self-organized team. Focusing and commitment are both critical values in Scrum.

It’s tough to make right сommitments if the team doesn’t have an understanding goals and plans. At the same time, fulfillment of the obligations become doubtful if the subject of the commitments is not clear and may change radically. For this issue resolving the Scrum team should use Sprint Scope.

The Sprint Scope is an artifact from Scrum Teamwork planning meeting and represents sprint result commitments. Any interruption to any individual Team Member except the ScrumMaster and Product Owner is considered a cause for relieving the Team of its commitment.

If the organization encourages interruptions to the team’s work during the Sprint, then the team will not meet commitments. All of this reduces the team’s motivation and self-organization. Interruptions can destroy the product team and product itself. Another common adverse effect is reducing the quality of requirements and development.

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