Results of the learning-sprint #5


People say: moving to a new apartment is equal to two fires. If so, I can be a “fireman” after all, because had around six “fires” during one week )

I was lucky enough to be on product management conference in Moscow (ProductSense – it was fascinating and motivating, so exciting! I want to be a part of this again) as well as have several interviews between flitting.
So, I can give you trite advice – never, never try to mix all these things during one week ))

Nevermind, the sprint #5 was successfully finished, perhaps because of the unexpectedly simple Business English module (compare with the previous one), let’s see…

English for Effective Business Speaking Module#4: Business Pitches

As usual for the specialization, a lot of useful things. The module looks easier as Module 3, what makes it enjoyable. On the other hand, I’m not very happy with peer-grade practice during the Business English course. I can not get an assessment within two weeks because the is nobody who can make a peer grade. Hope this issue is temporary, but apparently, I will need to shift the course end date.

  • You can get information about the main point in business pitch delivering,
  • practice in stress and pausing using,
  • know more about discourse markers (words, expressions, or phrases we use to signpost or indicate where we’re going in our speaking or writing. For example, in conversations, we use discourse markers to show whose turn it is to speak next.)

Building a Data Science Team in Executive Data Science Specialization

After this course you can get information about:

  • Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Manager roles and skills (I felt like it had been mentioned before);
  • bad patterns, different lacks and how you can overcome these specific difficulties and help your data science team to be productive (found it interesting, especially lack of empowerment);
  • What can you ask during an interview of potential members (superficial acquaintance) and how to manage the onboarding process late.

As about Preparing for professional scrum product owner certifications

I can say, that I find truly useful the article: The New New Product Owner.
Moreover, I am very sympathetic to the conclusion that was made there:

As you can see, the Product Owner is a powerful and vital collaborative role in Scrum. However, as the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Many organizations tend to overlook the power of the Product Owner in terms of capturing value for the organization. An empowered Product Owner can be thought of as a mini-CEO of the product. To give the Product Owner role any less respect and time commitment can completely choke an organization’s ability to reap value from the software product in a globally competitive marketplace.

It’s perfect and exact words, right out of my mouth.

Creating value without delegation of authority looks extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible. Thus, the business should strive to provide the necessary opportunities for Product Owner, while asking transparent and understandable metrics, defining expectations of success for balancing and control of the situation.



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