Result of the sprint #4


Hi friends,

It’s time to post the results of the advances achieved during sprint 4.

Let’s begin

Main goals

The good news – all main goals were achieved:

1) Module 3 “Interviews” of English for Effective Business Speaking Course provided excellent opportunities to participate in an interview, got information and practice to use appropriate directness for speaking situations, and speak to inform and persuade. This module is number 3 (out of 6) in the course, and there are only two more modules and final exams between me and the course finalization.

Interesting that I spent more time for this course than I had planned based on the course description (12/6 SP). Analysis showed that It had happened mostly because of peer-grade videos making. For example, I had made 30 video records before the result satisfied me and I decided to send it for a peer-grade test. I also would mention that there are not enough peer-reviewed assignments from other students so you may meet difficulties with checking peer review grades.

In conclusion, I want to say that the course is still well structured, and Kin Tang might play in Hollywood because his examples of interviewee behavior were so well made. Finally, it’s still a great experience to meet students from different parts of the world.


2) I successfully completed A Crash Course in Data Science Course which is included in Executive Data Science Specialization. I can advise this course as a well-structured, and a short-time course which allows understanding what do Data Scientists do, what are differences between Data Engineers and Data Scientists, what distinctions are between classical analysis, unsupervised and supervised machine learning. Of course, it’s not possible to get in-depth knowledge because of the short timing, but it’s still an excellent opportunity to start your acquaintance with the subject.

About optional goals

My optional goal of finishing Building a Data Science Team Course was not achieved. Mostly because of the available time. Again, if you want to take English for Effective Business Speaking Course, you should be careful about planning. Probably, I’ll transfer the course from optional goal into a sprint goal for the next iteration.

Sprint stats

Current learning velocity: 23 SP
Sprint goals: achieved
Optional goals: not achieved



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