Learning sprint #3: English for Effective Business Speaking – Beginning


My learning sprint #3 was defined. The goals –  English for Effective Business Speaking (3/6 modules) and Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies (1/4 modules).

I decided to continue Specialisation of Business English for Non-Native Speakers. During the next learning sprint, I want to start a course of “English for Effective Business Speaking“, which follows after “English for Effective Business Writing“. This course is six-week long, that why I want to take just 2 modules besides the welcome one:

  • Welcome module
  • Introduction to business speaking
  • Interviews

In addition to the Business English, I want to take a fast overview of business metrics and business data culture. I found a session with the fascinating title: Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies. The course is the first one in the Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization offered by Duke University through Coursera. This is a short (4-week) self-paced course which introduces the concept of business metrics and business analytics. I added the Introducing Business Metrics Module(first week) in the sprint backlog.

I also hope that I’ll find enough time to look closely at A Crash Course in Data Science Course offered by Johns Hopkins University. It’s probably hard to finish the first module at the same time with other tasks, and I’m just going to get an overview of the course.

Sprint Planning Meeting: 2018-02-10
Sprint Review Meeting: 2018-02-24
Sprint velocity is 28 SP



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